Please be aware that not all information we plan to put on this website is up yet, and some pages are under construction. We are hard at work at getting everything updated as soon as possible!

If you have questions, please stop by or contact the Richey Town Office.

Richey Town Office

  • Phone:  (406) 773-5634
  • E-mail:

Some Important General Reminders

February 20, 2024

  • Town Alerts:  We strongly encourage everyone to sign up for e-mail and/or text alerts from the Town of Richey to stay up-to-date on general Town news and--more importantly--to receive any urgent messages or announcements that all residents should be aware of right away. It's free, quick, and easy! Just click on this link--Subscribe--or on the top of the Town's homepage at
  • Garbage Collection:  If your garbage is not picked up as expected, or if you have another issue with your service, please call the Town Office at (406) 773-5634 as soon as possible so that we can track these issues and report them to G&G, and so that the Town can collect your garbage for the week, if needed. Do not call G&G directly. Please remember to securely bag all garbage, set out your containers in a clearly visible spot next to the street, set out your containers early or the night before (collection may begin as early as 6:30 a.m.), and respect the list of prohibited items on the front of your totes. By signing up for the Town Alerts, you will be notified if we expect anything out of the ordinary regarding garbage collection.
  • Recycling Options:  There are now THREE recycling options available to all Richey residents:  (1) the cardboard recycling trailer across the alley behind the hardware, (2) the Border Steel metal container across 1st Street West from the service station, and now (3) a recycling bin for bagged aluminum cans only between the Town's shop and old garage. The aluminum can bin has been set up to support Anton Veverka and his work to collect these items from around town. Please be respectful of Anton and other residents by depositing only bagged aluminum cans in this container. With the Glendive landfill's fees increasing, every item we recycle stays out of the landfill and saves the Town money in lower landfill costs.
  • Call 911!  Did you know that every time someone calls 911 to report an emergency, the State of Montana contributes money to a fund that can be used to purchase equipment and other needed items for our local emergency services? This fund is accessible to every municipality's fire department, EMS/ambulance service, and other local emergency services, including Richey's. So instead of calling a firefighter/EMT neighbor or friend when an emergency arises, please call 911! Your call will be answered by the Glendive call center, which will send it right back to our Fire and EMS leaders here in Richey.