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REMINDER: Garbage Pick-up This Week is SATURDAY


FOR THIS WEEK ONLY:  Garbage pick-up will be on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16G&G has told us to expect garbage collection to begin at 6:00 a.m.

Please spread the word to those who may not have access to the Internet or Facebook. Reminder signs have been posted at the hardware, bank, and Post Office...

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Partial Alley Closure Behind Little Royals Park


The alley running behind Little Royals Park will be partially closed today for some well work. Traffic cones are up, so please use caution, and avoid using this alley today if possible. Thanks!

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Update on Post Office Construction Work


The water line repair at the Post Office has been completed. However, there are two sections of sidewalk that still need to be repaired, and these have been blocked off with orange barricades and tape. You can begin using the Post Office parking lot again, but please use caution when driving...

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