Volunteer Fire Department

Fire department

The Town of Richey Volunteer Fire Department's mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life for all citizens and visitors from the adverse effects of natural and man-made emergencies. 

Our goal is to provide a protection program through a cost-efficient approach to emergency response, fire code application and public fire education.


If You spot a fire or suspicious Smoke, Please dial 911.


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Richey Volunteer Firefighter Members

Fire Department Member Name - Title Years Of Service
Kyle Senner
Kyle Senner - Fire Chief / EMT
Email:  firechief@richeymt.org
11 Years
Jim Crocket
Jim Crockett - Assistant Chief
3 Years
Butch Raisl
Butch Raisl - Fire / EMT
46 Years
Scott Carlson
Scott Carlson - Captain
32 Years
Jeff Brost
Jeff Brost - Firefighter / Sectretary / Treasurer
25 Years
Joe Beery
Joe Beery - Firefighter
25 Years
Jim Brown
Jim Brown - Firefighter
23 Years
Kirk Winhofer
Kirk Winhofer - Firefighter
20 Years
Jerome Brown
Jerome Brown - Firefighter
15 Years
Tim Buller
Tim Buller - Firefighter
15 Years
Harlyn Olson
Harlyn Olson - Firefighter
13 Years
Kody Sodt
Kody Sodt - Firefighter
11 Years
Gary Sodt
Gary Sodt - Firefighter
11 Years
Aaron Senner
Aaron Senner - Firefighter
11 Years
Matt Robbins
Matt Robbins - Firefighter
8 Years
Jim Clinton
Jim Clinton - Firefighter
7 Years
Tate Vaira
Tate Vaira - Firefighter / EMT
4 Years
Shane Keller
Shane Keller - Firefighter
4 Years
Caleb Servais
Caleb Servais - Firefighter
4 Years
Ryder Olson
Ryder Olson - Firefighter
3 Years
Trevor Vaira
Trevor Vaira - Firefighter
3 Years
Seth Brown
Seth Brown - Firefighter
3 Years
Tommy Baldwin
Tommy Baldwin - Firefighter
2 Years
Chase Brown
Chase Brown - Firefighter
2 Years