Volunteer Ambulance Services

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The Richey Volunteer Ambulance Service is located behind Town Hall in Richey, along with the Richey Volunteer Fire Department.

This Town service is run by volunteers, licensed by the State of Montana as Basic EMT.  

All transports are made to area hospitals at the choosing of the patient and/or patient family.  Transports are made to Circle, Glendive or Sidney. 

All volunteers are trained to handle any situation they may be called to.  All volunteers keep up their CPR certification and are trained in the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED).

The crew of the Volunteer Ambulance Services works with both the Dawson County Police Department and Richey Volunteer Fire Department.


EMT Member Name - Title
Years of Service
Tate Vaira
Tate Vaira - Firefighter / EMT
Since 2019
Brandy Schipman
Brandy Schipman - EMT
Since 2019
Tammy Clinton
Tammy Clinton - EMT
Since 2019
Lexi Rehbein
Lexi Rehbein - EMT
Since 2022
Kyle Senner
Kyle Senner - EMT 
Since 2022