Planning and Zoning

Planning & Zoning


The Dawson County, City of Glendive, and Town of Richey Planning Board and Zoning Commission comprises twelve volunteer members who represent several geographical areas of Dawson County, including Glendive, West Glendive, Richey, and Lindsay. The Planning Board reviews and decides on subdivision proposals and zoning change requests and participates in long-range planning efforts.

The Planning Board meets on the second Thursday of each month (except by special notice) in the conference room located in the basement of the Dawson County Courthouse at 207 West Bell Street in Glendive. The public is always welcome and is encouraged to attend. For questions regarding Planning Board meetings, please contact the City/County Planner at (406) 373-7240.

Doug Byron
Mike Dryden  Member
Dave Hrubes  Member
Jim Kutzler  Member
Clay Walker, Lindsay  Member
Greg Burbach  Member
Gerald Reichert  Member
Rita Stortz  Member
Troy Holzworth, Richey  Member
Jon Senner, Richey  Member
Denise Alberts  Executive Secretary
Dennis Zander  Commissioner Liaison


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